3 x Opti3 + VegVit™

Vegetology 3 x Opti3 + VegVit™

3 x Opti3 + VegVit™

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  • I have tried the Opti3 and found that I am more focused and clear minded. Not taken Omega 3 dha my entire life 30 years and my mind was quite foggy. I don't feel as much depressed and emotional like I used too. It's just 1 month since trying it. I definitely recommend it as it is Vegan, has clean ingredients no additives and preservatives. The multivitamin I am taking it to cater for inadequate nutrients in my non organic vegan diet. Dispite me eating more than 25 plant parts in a day. I however feel that the Magnisium form is not the best of its kind. I read that magnisium oxide has such a low bioavailabilty of about 4% and is not recommended by most experts. It is often used as it has a low cost. The best form seems to be magnisium chloride. Would like to hear Marks expert opinion on it considering he is a chemist for 25 years. There are more bioavailable magnisium forms and would like to see more of it. I hear it helps with fatigue. http://www.naturalnews.com/046401_magnesium_dietary_supplements_nutrient_absorption.html

  • These are by far the best vitamin products I have tried. They make an immediate difference in my hair and nails. Loyal user over a year and will keep purchasing. Fantastic value.

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